Orthodontics Savings Plan

Do you worry about saving for your child’s orthodontic treatment? We understand. Braces and smile straightening gear are expensive. Additionally, the costs of routine office visits accompanying your child’s treatment seem to just pile up. For this reason, we offer S.P.O.T, your child’s Savings Plan for Orthodontic Treatment! Our goal is to provide your child with the care they need so they can have a lifetime of good oral health without placing an extreme financial burden on your family. For parents in or around Lakeland, FL, our savings plan allows you to start saving for your child’s future as early as you like. So, when it comes time to pay for their orthodontic treatment, you will be financially prepared!

How Does This Plan Work?

S.P.O.T is a custom savings program that allows parents to begin depositing money into their child’s account as early as toddler age! The amount you deposit into the account each month is up to you; it can be as little as $25 or as much as $250. As soon as you choose the monthly amount you want to be deposited, your savings will begin to accumulate. Your contribution plan duration is also customizable, but you must continue for at least six months once you start. As soon as your child’s treatment begins, you can use the money you have saved as a down payment for their orthodontic treatment, or it can be used to lower your monthly payments!

Benefits of the Plan

Would you like free money contributed to your child’s future smile? Whatever you invest into your child’s account, Children & Teen Dental will match 20% of your total investment up to $700!

  • You Contribute $1,000/ We Add $200
  • You Contribute $1,500/ We Add $300
  • You Contribute $2,000/ We Add $400
  • You Contribute $2,500/ We Add $500
  • You Contribute $3,000/ We Add $600
  • You Contribute $3,500/ We Add $700

How do I Enroll in the Plan?

Contact our office today, and our team will be happy to assist you in setting up an account for your child’s future needs! The account will be created within our system, and funds will automatically be deposited into an escrow account when you select the amount of your monthly contribution. It’s important to note that the S.P.O.T program is only for guests receiving orthodontic treatment. Savings can not be used for any other treatment purposes. To learn more about the S.P.O.T program, read our brochure below and contact our office with any questions!

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