Teen Dentistry

As children grow older, their dental needs grow as well! Your teenager will continue going through changes with their teeth and gums well into adulthood. During this time, it’s crucial that a dentist is able to monitor any developing wisdom teeth, orthodontic needs, or nutritional changes. It is recommended that teens continue to visit the dentist every six months and come in sooner if they notice changes or pains in their mouth or teeth. It is our mission to help your teen remain healthy by promoting and encouraging routine dental care habits and answering questions about their teeth and gums. If you are in or around Lakeland, FL, schedule an appointment for your teen at our office today!

Fillings for Cavities

The teenage years are filled with changes that affect their life in many ways, including school, sports, events, and socializing. In some cases, their dental health could be neglected during this time. If they forget to brush and floss, plaque and tartar may begin to accumulate on the teeth and cause cavities to form. When this happens, a filling is required to restore the health of the tooth and prevent further problems. Our office offers composite fillings as a discreet, tooth-colored option to restore strength to the tooth. The composite material is durable and long-lasting, providing a great option to get your teen’s smile back on track!

Mouthguards for Sports

It’s great for your teenager’s overall health to participate in sports and activities! However, it is important to protect their teeth while keeping them active. When your child plays sports, wearing a mouthguard can help prevent dental emergencies like chipped teeth and tooth loss. The mouthguard provides a protective shield that is both safe and supportive for their teeth to ensure that the teeth are not damaged by impacts. 

Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a subconscious behavior that happens most often when people are sleeping. Teenagers who grind their teeth while sleeping may suffer from worn-down teeth, headaches, and tooth pain. During their visit to our office, we can determine if your teen is grinding their teeth, and a mouthguard can be recommended to prevent further damage.

Bad Breath Treatment (Halitosis)

When regular oral hygiene is not enough to treat bad breath, there might be an underlying issue. Halitosis is an oral health problem that is characterized by chronic bad breath and may need further treatment in order to be resolved. If your teen is experiencing bad breath despite routine brushing and flossing, we recommend that they use a tongue scraper. If this does not help, take your teen to their primary care physician to determine if this may be due to allergies or a sinus infection.

Providing the Best Experience for Our Guests

At our office in Lakeland, FL, guests are greeted with kindness and compassion the moment they walk through the door. As a team, we take pride in caring for guests and doing whatever it takes to ensure that they have a positive experience. Our team is happy to answer your teenager’s questions and concerns, as well as your own! We want to empower your teen to be in control of their dental health and to provide them with the tools they need to do so. Here at Children & Teen Dental of Florida, you can rely on us to provide the best experience and dental care for your teenager! Online scheduling makes it easy to take advantage of great dentistry from a team that cares about your child! Book an appointment today!

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