“Love Children & Teen Dental of Florida. They are quick to get the patients to the back and get them examined. The team members at the front are very helpful and know what’s going on. I recommend this office to anyone with small kids.” 

Amanda W.

“The team is amazing. They got us right in and still let me be with my child. I definitely recommend Children & Teen Dental of Florida for people with little children. The team members were spectacular with my child.”

Alisa C.

“Absolutely amazing team! Office is clean and the team is very knowledgeable. The doctor was amazing, spoke to us about everything that was going on and the next steps too!”

Suzette B.

“My two year old son had his first dentist visit today and they were very patient and just great with him the entire time. Couldn’t ask for a better first time visit.” 

Emily B.

“My children love Children & Teen Dental of Florida. They take care of us quickly and professionally. I highly recommend this office for the little ones.”

Ashlee J.

“Excellent services at Children & Teen Dental of Florida. My daughters love the doctor and the team.” 

Laura N.

“The team was professional and very patient and sweet to my one year old. Dentist was awesome.” 

Lauren R.

“We absolutely love Children & Teen Dental of Florida! The whole team is super nice and my kids are very comfortable coming to get their teeth cleaned. Super glad we found such an amazing dentist!” 

Alyssa A.

“Everything was done super quick. I was able to go inside with the kids. The dentist was really nice.”


“Great location, excellent dentist, super nice team.” 

Pam P.

“Children & Teen Dental of Florida is the best place to take your child for their dental needs!” 

Wilbur C.

“My kids love Children & Teen Dental of Florida! They make my kids feel like family and feel free to keep smiling!” 

Stephanie J.

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