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Sedation Services For Relaxation & Support

Supporting Your Child
Dentistry involves more than just oral care, it’s about creating connections with our guests and guiding them through every step of their dental journey.
Dentistry Education
At each visit, our goal is to empower your child about their dental routine after learning new techniques to care for their smile!
Whatever It Takes
You can depend on our team to make your child feel comfortable and motivated about dental health in our office.

Your Child’s Solution to Dental Anxiety

Even adults can feel scared when visiting the dentist, so we understand if your child feels nervous! Our Winter Haven, FL dental office offers sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide as a safe solution to keep your child relaxed and comfortable during their visit. If you would like to find out how sedation dentistry can help your child during their next appointment, please feel free to contact our office!

Dental Sedation for Your Child

Dental sedation can ease kids’ and teens’ dental anxiety and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. This is an excellent option that is safe for your child and allows them to receive the treatment or services they require promptly. Dental sedation may be a great option for children experiencing the following situations:

Book Your Appointment

Ask our team about dental sedation during your child’s next appointment! Your child may benefit significantly from this option and feel more secure and comfortable during their visit.


What They Say...

“Love Children & Teen Dental of Florida. They are quick to get the patients to the back and get them examined. The team members at the front are very helpful and know what’s going on. I recommend this office to anyone with small kids.” 

Amanda W.

“The team is amazing. They got us right in and still let me be with my child. I definitely recommend Children & Teen Dental of Florida for people with little children. The team members were spectacular with my child.”

Alisa C.

“Absolutely amazing team! Office is clean and the team is very knowledgeable. The doctor was amazing, spoke to us about everything that was going on and the next steps too!”

Suzette B.
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