At Children & Teen Dental of Florida, we look forward to seeing you and your child’s smiling faces when you come for a visit! Even so, we understand that a trip to our office isn’t always convenient, especially when something unexpected occurs. That’s why we offer teledentistry so you have access to the resources you need, wherever you are! We want to do whatever it takes to better serve our guests and ensure that when you need us, we are available. 

What is Teledentistry?

By using Teledentistry, you can connect with your child’s dentist without physically visiting the office, offering access to their expertise from the comfort of your home. You can communicate with the dentist through your phone or computer, allowing them to address your concerns and answer questions regarding your child’s oral health. With teledentistry, you can avoid unnecessary office visits and put your mind at ease when it comes to your child’s treatment recovery, toothache, or injury. If needed, our dentist can either request that you visit the office or provide you with a solution that suits your needs from home! 

How do I Set Up a Virtual Consult?

To schedule a consultation, please contact our office! We have team members available to walk you through the process and get you in contact with a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t rely on inaccurate internet search results to answer your questions, please call our office to receive individualized responses tailored to your child.

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